Brackenfell: EFF allowed ‘larger crowd’, but counter-protesters turned away

SAPS are working overtime to try and control the large crowds assembled in Brackenfell this Friday. The EFF sent hundreds of their ‘fighters’ to protest outside of the high school – and were met by counter-demonstrators as well as a heavy police presence. However, an argument over numbers has become a key sub-plot this afternoon.

How many people have gathered in Brackenfell?

The EFF were initially only allowed 100 protesters, as per the agreed limits published in the permit issued this week. However, as more and more Red Berets flooded into Brackenfell, law enforcement officials agreed to allow the EFF an assembly of 500 people – the maximum number allowed under Level 1 restrictions.

Counter-protesters turned away in Brackenfell

However, not everyone was able to get themselves in the thick of things. Protesters from a coalition of DA, Cape Party, and ACDP voters were turned away from Brackenfell High School by police, as they failed to acquire the correct paperwork:

  • Needless to say, that’s left a fairly salty taste in some mouths:

Police fight for control

Earlier in the day, police were seen firing stun grenades and water cannons at protesting EFF members. They took a more hands-on approach as the official march began, physically breaking up these groups into smaller numbers: