Bong Technical College Holds First Commencement Since Establishment

Bong County Technical College (BCTC), one of the community colleges established in 2010, has graduated its first batch of 22 students since it began active academic activities in 2013. Being one of the first of its kind established, BCTC has been facing setbacks with corruption permeated by county officials, including some past legislators. The situation strangulated the completion of the college and prevented its academic enhancement.

The Bong Technical College was established in 2010 by an act of Legislature for the sole purpose of educating aspiring students in disciplines that are technical and skill-oriented.

Delivering the commencement address at the first graduation ceremony in the history of the institution on December 19, 2020, the President of the Nimba County Community College (NCCC), Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor, challenged the graduates to be persistent in their academic endeavors, stressing that ‘persistence’ is a key to success, adding that it is necessary for making progress in life.

Dr. Wonkeryor lauded the President of the BCTC, Dr. Roland C. Massaquoi, for the level of work done at the College and admonished graduates of the various high schools in Bong County to take advantage of the College in order to acquire higher education to contribute to the rebuilding of Bong County and Liberia at large.

Dr. Wonkeryor also lauded President Dr. George M. Weah for the opportunity provided to allow the present generation of students to acquire higher education in various public universities and Colleges in the Country to become productive citizens.

Additionally, Dr. Wonkeryor challenged the graduates of the BCTC to use their education to help develop the country.

“This is no understatement that you are graduating at a time that our country, Liberia, is facing serious challenges and needs productive and honest people like you the graduates to usher Liberia into technological skills,” he said.

“You should not use your degrees or education to engage in any negative thing that will derail the image of our country or hamper the development of Liberia,” Dr. Wonkeryor cautioned.

In a related development, a senatorial candidate in the recent election in Bong County, Dr. Mogana Flomo, has awarded a scholarship to the dux of the Bong County Technical College to study at the Mohandas K. Gandhi University in India.

Speaking during the occasion, Dr. Flomo said out of the 22 graduates, the College of Agriculture graduated 14 students with two of the 14 graduating with certificates in Natural Rubber production and processing of Rubber Smoked Sheets, while 6 students graduated from the College of Education.

Since its establishment, the College lost two semesters to Ebola epidemic of 2014 and two semesters to COVID-19 this year. Also, a series of protests from students of the College over the slow pace of the development of the college facility resulted in the disruption of classes for two semesters.

The BCTC’s first commencement convocation celebrates the ‘PONO A PAI’ Class of 2020 (a Kpelle language meaning, ‘The Light has come’).

The college was accredited by the National Commission on Higher Education to offer undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering, Agriculture Technology, Science, Education, and Nursing.

Its doors were opened to students on November 18, 2013, and has since provided services to qualified students from around Liberia. The current enrollment of the College stands at over 1,000 students.