Bobi Wine Supporters Brought Dangerous Weapons to Fight Police – Mbale RDC

The Mbale Resident District Commissioner, Hajji Suleiman Barrazza Ogajjo has defended the use extreme force by security officers to disperse supporters of NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine).

The RDC claims some of the supporters had come to the rally armed with dangerous weapons with intent to hurt officers on duty.

“We had earlier on received intelligence information, that Bobi wine’s supporters had bought acid and some had gathered knives, machetes and pangas in order to confront security,” he said.

Such acts, he said, would have landed them in trouble had they risked attacking the “highly trained and armed officers.”

Ogajjo was speaking to media in response to Bobi Wine’s claims that police used excessive force while dealing with his supporters on Sunday.

On Sunday, Bobi Wine accused Bugisu region police from both Sironko and Mbale Districts for using “excessive force”, while dealing with him and his peaceful supporters.

“I can confidently say that the bulk of officers are not hateful and don’t even like doing the kinds of things they do, but if you keenly observe these events, there is usually a clique of three to four people who give orders to their juniors to commit these crimes,” he noted,

“The small clique is never motivated by any law but by hate and the desire to help Gen. Museveni keep firm grip over our country which he thinks of as his empire,” he added.

Upon his arrival to Mbale in Kachumbala and Nakaloke Town Councils, Police and its sister agencies fired teargas canisters and live bullets to disperse his supporters who had gathered in large numbers, to welcome him.

ChimpReports learnt that security forces in addition to the already functioning forces, deployed an additional Special Commanding Contingent to eastern region to combat what they termed as chaos that would come across Bobi’s campaigns in the region.

Ogajjo on the other hand said Bobi Wine’s visit left many scars to the City than expected since some people lost their properties.

“Police have informed me that three boda-boda motorcycles went missing on Sunday evening and this was after Bobi Wine’s visit to Mbale City,” he said

The RDC went on to blame the chaos on bodaboda cyclists.

“The National Resistance Movement (NRM) government has offered them free employment by not taxing them, I wonder despite of this freedom why then boda-boda riders would turn up to support Bobi Wine who has done nothing for them,” he said.

The RDC, who condemned Bobi wine’s defiance towards Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines and the Electoral Commission harmonized form of campaign thanked his officers led by the Mbale District Police Commander, Fred Ahimbisibwe for the great work of enforcing Law and Order in the City, they did on Sunday.

“I am delighted to inform the general public that there was no death reported in the operation,” he said

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