Bobi Wine, NUP Supporters to Blame for Kayunga Clashes – Police

Following the chaotic incidents that happened in Kayunga district on Tuesday between presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi and security operators, Kampala Metropolitan Police has Wednesday come out and attributed all the clashes to him and his supporters.

According to Police, the clashes raised from failure by Robert Kyagulanyi to heed to law orders in regards to his movements.

“Security forces had a clearly mapped route which was to be used. But they decided to confront the officers,” said SP Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson.

He added: “They first attacked the patrol car commander, but he kept his cool. They tried to use sharp nails to deflate the police patrol vehicles but they failed. Then the supporters stopped in the middle of the road, blocking other road users and police had to use teargas to disperse them to allow for the smooth flow of traffic on the highway.”

In this confrontation, three people were injured at Kyampisi Trading Centre.

Police report indicates that teargas canister fragments injured two people including the bodyguard to Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert identified as ASP Kato Wilfred who sustained a deep cut on the upper side of the eye.

The other is Oyerwot Denis, 27, popularly known as “Dan Magic”. He sustained a deep cut on the mouth and lost a tooth.

“Both were injured by teargas canister fragments,” Onyango emphasized.

These were first rushed to Nazigo Health Centre for first aid and later they were transferred to Mulago Hospital.

Another incident happened at Nazigo where, in the process of dispersing the crowd, teargas fell on the thigh of one Justine Busekerwa 45, a market vendor and burnt her. She also sustained deep cut on the head as a result of falling down, she hit the head on the tarmac. She is still at Nazigo Health centre.


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