Blake Lively stuns at the Met Gala with homage to New York

This year’s Met Gala theme was inspired by The Gilded Age.

American actress Blake Lively paid tribute to New York City architecture in a shimmering gown that dramatically transformed as she walked the Met Gala red carpet on Monday night.

The evening’s dress code was inspired by the Gilded Age, the 30-year period at the end of the 19th-century that saw skyrocketing wealth for industrialist families in the US and over-the-top fashion for New York City’s upper crust.

When Lively first arrived, the glittering, beaded Versace dress was wrapped by an oversized coppery satin bow. But as she ascended the stairs to the entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, her bow was released to reveal the rest of the sweeping ensemble: A long skirt in an aged copper tone, paying tribute to the patina of the Statue of Liberty.

During her live stream with Vogue, Blake said, “This dress is an homage to New York City and so many of the classic, iconic buildings. This is detailing from the Empire State Building, some of the draping from the Statue of Liberty…(and) the constellation from Grand Central Station.”

Lively was this year’s co-host alongside her husband Ryan Reynolds.

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