BLACK MAGIC: My Daughter Became Lesbian, Devil Worshiper after Joining International School

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Black magic -Have you ever wondered how some people can use black magic to ruin the lives of others? How can they be so cruel and heartless to destroy someone’s future and happiness? How can they be stopped and punished for their evil deeds?

This is the story of Mary Ndichu, a brilliant girl from Meru who had a bright future ahead of her. She was
a top student in her primary school and scored 401 marks in her KCPE exams. She got admitted to an
international school in Nairobi’s Kitisuru area, where she hoped to pursue her dreams.

But little did she know that her life was about to take a dark turn. She joined a group of girls who seemed
to be friendly and popular, but they had a sinister agenda. She got initiated into a cult that required her to
become a lesbian. They also introduced her to a strange deity called Ariton, whom they worshipped.

Cult initiation and effects of black magic
Mary’s parents noticed a drastic change in her behaviour and performance. She became rebellious and
violent. She stopped praying and started saying weird things like “Bless us, bless us Ariton”.
She also failed miserably in her exams, dropping from an A to D grade, and becoming the worst
performer in her school.

Her parents tried everything to help her, including taking her to counsellors, pastors, and psychologists,
but nothing worked. She continued to spread her cult teachings to other girls. She was suspended from

Her parents were desperate and hopeless. They had no idea what was wrong with their daughter. They did
not know she was under the influence of black magic, cast by some jealous parents. They wanted to
destroy her life and make her suffer.

But there was one person who could help them by destroying the effects of black magic.and free her from
the clutches of evil.

Mugwenu Doctors purge away black magic
That person was Mugwenu, a powerful herbalist and traditional healer who has over 25 years of
experience in dealing with such cases. He has the knowledge and the skills to counter any spell or curse
that is harming his clients. He has the tools and the ingredients to create potent charms that protect and

Mugwenu was contacted by Mary’s parents, who explained their situation to him. He agreed to help them
and asked them to bring their daughter to his place. He examined her and confirmed that she was indeed a
victim of black magic. He said that the cult was a tool used by her enemies to manipulate and control her.

Charms against black magic
He performed a ritual that involved burning some herbs and chanting some words. He also gave Mary a
necklace that had a special stone that would shield her from any negative energy. He told her parents to
take her home and watch her closely.

The results were amazing. Mary started to recover.. She regained her normal personality. She apologized
to her parents and asked for their forgiveness. She renounced the cult and stopped taking drugs. She
resumed her studies and excelled in her exams. She graduated from high school and joined Strathmore
University, where she studied accounting and graduated with a distinction.

She got a job in a blue chip company in Nairobi. She now earns a six-figure salary and lives a happy,
independent and successful life.
Mary’s parents were overjoyed and grateful to Mugwenu. They thanked him for saving their daughter and
their family.

Mugwenu is a trusted and reliable herbalist and traditional healer who can help you with any problem. He
can destroy the effects of black magic and reverse any curse or spell that is affecting you.
What other spells are issued by Mugwenu Doctors?

He can also help you with other issues, such as:
 Spells to see enemies in dreams: They make you see the faces and names of the people who are
plotting against you. You can then confront them or avoid them in real life.
 Spells to treat madness: They cure any mental disorder or illness that is caused by natural or
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 Spells for promotion at work: These spells boost your career and make you achieve your goals.
You can get a raise, a bonus, or a promotion with these spells. If you use them, you can also
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 Do as I say spells: These are spells that can make anyone obey your commands and do whatever
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 Spells for work-related problems: They solve any issue or conflict that you have at your
workplace. As a result, you can deal with difficult customers, co-workers, or competitors with
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 Spells for loan repayment: These are spells that can help you pay off any debt or loan that you
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 Women charms to attract men: These charms make you irresistible and attractive to any man
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 Lucky charm for financial problems: This is a charm that can bring you good luck and fortune
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Protection spells for Ruiru couple
Apart from potent spells that deal with black magic, Mugwenu Doctors are also known for their spells
that neutralise restless spirits.

A good example of such a case is a Ruiru family that bought a haunted home near Kamakis. They could
not have peace. The woman complained that the spirits could touch her inappropriately. The spirits could
also destroy their property and give them sleepless nights.

They got peace after contacting Mugwenu Doctors who purged the house and helped the restless spirit
cross over to eternal peace.

How to Contact Mugwenu Doctors
If you need any of these services or any other service that Mugwenu can offer, do not hesitate to contact
him today.

He is ready and willing to help you with any problem you have. He is available 24/7 and can work with
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