Bisa K Dei hints on bigger deals after ‘Jingle Jangle’ feature

After inking a Hollywood soundtrack deal with his song ‘Asew’, Ghanaian highlife artiste, Bisa K Dei has disclosed that this is just the beginning of bigger things to happen.

The artiste who earned a soundtrack feature on Netflix’s Christmas movie titled ‘Jingle Jangle’ told Kwame Dadzie on Citi FM’s Celebrity Radar that he has more of such gigs in the offing.

“I have more coming. There have been getting emails every now and then, and I hope with time, my fans will get to know about all that,” he said.

Speaking about how his feature in ‘Jingle Jangle’ happened, he said it all started when he had an email from the ‘Jingle Jangle’ production team that they wanted to use his ‘Asew’ song for the movie.

“And we had to set up a call to talk about it. I had a couple of emails as well from all over. So we had a talk and then I spoke to the producer and they said they liked my highlife sound. And the director’s wife is also a very huge fan of Bisa K Dei and they’ve been listening to me for a long time so yea, they wanted my song ‘Asew’,” he said.


“I have already said that ‘Asew’ is my biggest song even though it is not popular here in Ghana. It is my biggest song so far because it’s been going places, it’s being played on a lot of platforms,” he further noted.

According to him, the initial plan was to use the main song and then they came and said they’d love if he changed the lyrics and made it a soundtrack for the movie so he just worked on it.

“We’ve been working on it for almost a year now,” he said.

Bisa K Dei has mega-hit songs such as ‘Brother Brother’, ‘Mansa’, ‘Baba’, ‘Odo Carpenter’, among others.

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