Billionaire JIMI WANJIGI says RUTO is still the Mt Kenya kingpin despite UHURU’s SAGANA III meeting.

Saturday, February 26, 2022 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) presidential hopeful, Jimi Wanjigi, has shared his views on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s meeting at Sagana State Lodge, where he endorsed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s presidential bid in August.

Wanjigi said Uhuru endorsing Raila Odinga in Sagana didn’t change the fact that Deputy President William Ruto is still the region’s preferred Presidential candidate.

The businessman described DP Ruto as a ‘magician’ who has managed to keep the entire Mt Kenya voting bloc on his side.

“William Ruto is a smart politician. First, we must admit that. Most of the people thought that after his political breakup with President Uhuru Kenyatta, then the central region was out of his hands.”

“But he stood up, made a bold political move that even surprised his betrayers. 

“What keeps Ruto moving politically, it is that he has a working spirit. 

“He never gives up easily and I personally do not think he will surrender,” Wanjigi said.


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