Biden phones Ramaphosa: Here’s what Joe and Cyril discussed on Tuesday

The Presidency has confirmed that they received a very important call on Tuesday, as US President-Elect Joe Biden phoned-up Cyril Ramaphosa for an exchange of views and supportive sentiments.

Ramaphosa’s chat with US President-Elect Joe Biden

According to the official statement released by President Ramaphosa’s office, the pair discussed the following topics:

  • Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Strengthening ties between the US and Africa, advancing ‘multilateralism’ in the process.
  • Biden’s previous visits to South Africa, including the times he protested against apartheid.
  • The President-Elect also spoke about his ‘deep admiration’ of SA’s successful struggle to overcome the apartheid regime.
  • The call ended with Ramaphosa passing on his best wishes to Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris.

When Cyril met Joe… Full statement from The Presidency

“President Ramaphosa had a call with US President-Elect Joe Biden on Tuesday evening, 17 November 2020, during which the leaders discussed ways to strengthen US-Africa relations and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden has identified Africa as a major player in international affairs and in the advancement of multilateralism.”
“The leaders recalled a visit to South Africa by President-Elect Biden during the dark days of apartheid, where Mr. Biden demonstrated his commitment to human rights and dignity for all South Africans. President-Elect Biden also expressed his admiration for what democratic South Africa has achieved.”
“President Ramaphosa said he looked forward to a strong partnership between the United States and the continent of Africa. The President wished President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris well for their term in office.”

Presidency statement on the call with Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s transition team talk tough on corruption

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s transition team released their own statement on the round of calls made on Tuesday, which also included virtual summits with the respective leaders of Israel, India, and Chile. According to their version of events, the impact of corruption and climate change were also on the agenda – topics not mentioned by the ANC leader.