Beware of political projects, UDA cautions Kenyans

A section of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leaders have urged Kenyans to reject any ‘political project’ ahead of the 2022 general election.

They said  Kenyans should be left to elect leaders of their choice without intimidation.

The leaders spoke at Deputy President William Ruto’s Karen residence where he hosted a delegation from Laikipia County.

They were Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok, MPs Susan Kihika(Nakuru Senator), Aisha Jumwa(Malindi) Cate Waruguru (Laikipia), Kimani Ichung’wa(Kikuyu, Rigathi Gachagua(Mathira) Gabriel Tongoyo(Narok West)

” Kenyans want to elect leaders of their choice without being intimidated to support candidates who have been endorsed by certain individuals who want to protect their interests,” said Jumwa.

Mr Gachagua said Kenyans will reject any political projects while Mr Ichung’wa added: “Kenyans won’t vote for projects. They will vote for those who have an agenda for the country”.

Mr Nanok said Mr Odinga was a project meant to protect a few individuals who have dominated the economy through state capture.

Ms Jumwa and Ms Waruguru said Mr Odinga’s choice was arrived after those controlling the economy of the country realised no other candidate could defeat Dr Ruto.

Mr Tongoyo said Kenyans are tired of leaders being imposed on them and were only concerned about economic revival.

He said that the Bottom-up economic model will address issues affecting ordinary Kenyans.

He observed that the Deputy President was enjoying support of Kenyans while his competitors were seeking endorsements from a few wealthy individuals.

Mr Ichung’wa said that the country’s history should not be changed to suit certain individuals.

“Tell us the history that the handshake was done to bring peace because someone always refuses to accept results during every election,” said Mr Ichung’wa.

Mr Ichung’wa said that Raila Odinga history is well known by Kenyans.”The history we are being told should be unadulterated and unedited. Inclusivity is not about leaving others behind,” said Mr Ichung’wa

Ms Kihika said Mr Odinga was well known for destabilizing political parties and governments.

“We came together to form UDA, party with a national outlook. We don’t believe in tribal parties,” said Ms Kihika.

Mr Nanok said the 2010 Constitution had not been fully implemented to warrant changes on it to create posts for a few individuals.

“The Bill of Rights has not been fully implemented to benefit the citizens of this country,” said Nanok.

The Deputy President on his part, said Kenyans will not be intimidated to support leaders contrary to their wishes.

“Kenyans want to choose leaders of their choice,”he said.

He added:”They have their plan and we have ours. If there is any history required it is that of individual track record. Each candidate should come up with plans for the country  going into the future.”

Dr Ruto said few wealthy individuals believed ‘they can sit in hotels and choose who to lead Kenyans.’

He said the country’s unity cannot be achieved through creation of positions to benefit a few individuals at the expense of millions of ordinary citizens.

” We have a complete dichotomy. Our competitors believe inclusivity will be achieved when we create posts for few individuals leaving out millions of Kenyans,” said Dr Ruto.

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