Betterland Ghana Limited clarifies allegations on mining rights

Betterland Ghana Limited, a mining company, has responded to a petition by the Environmental Advocacy Group to President Akufo-Addo expressing concern over the mining rights (License #ML2/236) granted to the company by the Minerals Commission.

Betterland Ghana Limited, in a statement on Wednesday, May 15,  clarified several misconceptions and misinformation, reiterating its commitment to responsible mining practices.

The company, while acknowledging the group’s right to express its concerns, emphasized that it has legally acquired its concession, holding a valid license number ML2/236 from the Mineral Commission, and is not engaged in any illegal mining activities.

The company pointed out that the forest reserve in question has already been severely impacted by illegal mining, destroying rivers, streams, and biodiversity.

Betterland Ghana Limited also disputed the group’s claim that the lease area falls within a globally significant biodiversity area, stating that the Minerals and Forestry Commission is legally bound to refrain from granting mining leases in forest reserves or protected areas.

The company reaffirmed its dedication to responsible mining and land reclamation technology, ensuring that its activities will not harm the forest before its entry.

“The foremost paragraph of your statement was an admission of the fact that Betterland Ghana Ltd is not directly or indirectly involved in any illegal mining activities but has legitimately acquired its concession legally which is evident of the license number ML2/236 from the Mineral Commission.”

“We want to also place on record that, Ghana Environmental Advocacy group stated categorically in their release that, the forest reserve in question has been devastated already by illegal mining activities which has left collections of rivers, streams and other biodiversity destroyed within the enclave of the Draw river forest reserve which would cost government fortunes to either reclaim the degraded land or attempt to stop the illegal mining activities in the forest.”

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