Besigye asks religious leaders to join forces of political change

Former FDC President Dr Kiiza Besigye arriving at consultation meeting in Masaka on Wednesday. PHOTO URN

Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The former Forum for Democratic Change – FDC party president, Dr. Kizza Besigye has asked religious leaders to join efforts with the opposition to push for a political transition in Uganda.

Speaking at a public consultation rally at Masaka Liberation Square on Wednesday evening, Dr. Besigye noted that there is a need for everybody including religious leaders to join hands towards building a better country.

He indicates that besides rallying the different political parties to put up a strong a opposition force against the current regime, they are also reaching out to religious leaders, civil society players, and youth groups to push for political liberation, which he says is badly needed in the country.

He also indicated that there is a need to establish a new constitution that fully empowers state institutions and departments such that they can serve in the interests of the citizens, as apposed to those that are manipulated by those in authority.

Besigye says that besides consulting the Forum for Democratic Change’s lower leadership structures on their next course of action, he is also leading a campaign to reawaken Ugandans such that they can collectively raise up to confront the challenges they are faced with.

Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa, the National Chairperson for the FDC Katonga faction also called upon Ugandans to defy the attitude of fear, arguing that it has kept them in political captivity despite having the majority.

Biriggwa also cautioned the party members against undue excitement while dealing with politicians, indicating that some of them lack clear agendas that can cause meaningful change for the country.

Meanwhile, Bernard Mugenyi, the FDC Chairperson for Masaka district noted that out of their consultations, it became evident that majority of their supporters in the area support the idea of forming a new political party ahead of the next general elections.



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