Beitbridge: Zimbabwean citizen dies while waiting to cross border

A Zimbabwean woman passed away at the Beitbridge border post while waiting on a bus. As reported by eNCA, emergency services are at the scene, but they were unable to revive the woman.

Passengers travelling with the woman told reporters she “complained of fatigue and asked fellow passengers to pray for her”. She was reportedly also “feeling dizzy” and passed away soon after.

Zimbabwean woman collapses at Beitbridge border

Passengers tried to assist

According to the bus driver, the Zimbabwean the woman approached him to ask if the could exit the bus because it was hot and she needed fresh air. She collapsed while exiting the bus, and passengers rushed to assist her.

The bus driver explained that they “held her and gave her water”. Her condition improved and she exited the bus. However, when she returned, she was unable to remain upright. The driver added:

“Some of the ladies in the bus started praying for her and pouring water on her head and giving her some water to drink. As time went by, she lost consciousness and passed away”.

The situation at Beitbridge border

This incident follows after traffic jams were reported at the Beitbridge border post in Limpopo, between Zimbabwe and South Africa. One commuter told SABC News on Tuesday that “nothing is moving, everything is standing still”.

Newzroom Africa spoke to passengers who explained that several travellers had to leave in search for food, as they had been stuck at the border post for hours, while others had been queueing for days.

“Everyone here is very hungry. I’ve volunteered to walk to the Shell to buy water as people have no water and it’s very hot here”

Long queues were forming as cars and truck were backed up as far as 12 kilometres between Beitbridge and Musina. Several passengers told reporters that they had been queueing for more than three days.

COVID-19 delays

While the post is usually busy over the festive season, additional delays were caused by earlier curfew times. Furthermore, travellers must be cleared under strict COVID-19 protocols.

Transport spokesperson, Matome Moremi-Tauetsoala explained that the situation will be addressed as the department is aware of congestion at the Beitbridge border post.

“Our team from SAPS and traffic have re-strategised their plans and they will put them into action not so long.  The matter will be addressed and also the Minister of Home Affairs will be making an announcement that will also enhance the plans that we have now. We are calling on motorists to be patient with each other in the meantime.”