Become our consultant, PDP mocks APC over ‘close shop’ comment

Become our consultant, PDP mocks APC over ‘close shop’ comment

Begin consultancy services, PDP slams APC over ‘close shop’ comment

By Dirisu Yakubu — Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has called on the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to begin consultancy services, following an earlier salvo by APC asking the opposition party to close shop since it could not pay the salaries of its disengaged staff members.

PDP said: “Since the APC has become so overwhelmed by governance that it now seeks for a job in our party, we counsel them to apply formally as consultants instead of seeking to distract us from our focus of giving direction to our country at this critical time.”

PDP also flayed the ruling party for “seeking to divert attention from its failures and reported involvement of very top officials of its government in looting spree, by engaging in smear campaign, distortions and wild goose chase on issues that are internal to PDP.”

In a statement by its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, PDP said: “The APC is desperate to divert attention from its wicked increase in the pump price of fuel to N170 per litre, the indicting revelations from the #EndSARS enquiry panels as well as Saturday’s abduction of children in Zaria, Kaduna State by gunmen, who had scaled up attack on Nigerians while the APC has abandoned governance to seek consultancy job in other political parties.

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“By launching this childish smear campaign against our party, APC has exposed its mortal fear over the re-organised PDP, being dazed by our vibrant opposition as well as relentless exposure of its failures and complicity of its leaders in humongous corruption in high places.

“The APC is discomfited by our repositioning as the rallying platform of Nigerians from all divides in their collective quest to rescue our nation from APC-imposed hardship, violence, bloodletting, decayed infrastructure and mortgaging of our nation to foreign interest.

“We are, however, not surprised that APC, which recently admitted to be a party of “bandits”, whose leaders are like “criminal bandits ravaging our communities, towns and villages”, will reduced  itself to a confused busybody, having been overwhelmed by the burden of failure and repulsion of Nigerians to their wicked and exploitative policies.”

PDP then gave the advice for APC to begin consultancy services, adding “In any case, we want the APC to know that the PDP will never be distracted from focusing on our processes in galvanising Nigerians for the task ahead.

“Moreover, we urge the APC National Caretaker Committee Chairman, Governor Mai Mala Buni, to address the crisis in his party and stop sending impostors and charlatans, as spokespersons, to constitute public nuisance by dabbling into issues they have no knowledge about.

“The APC has become a sinking pirate ship and should blame itself for its woes and imminent collapse.”

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