Bebe Cool surprises Revelers At Stress Clinic

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Bebe Cool surprised revellers at the ‘Stress Clinic’ this Eid at Levels Lounge when he delivered a wonderful perfomance along with a well of wisdom for Ugandans and the Ugandan Music industry. While the people expected to see Dr. Jose Chameleon as advertised, they were treated to a wonderful 30 minute perfomance, unexpectedly, just before Dr. Jose Chameloen came on to shut down the jam session Jam session.

Mr Sali Moses popularly known as Bebecool reminisced on his time building the music industry with the likes of Bobi Wine, he spoke on the power of unity amongst the musicians and he also urged Ugandans to support Ugandan music and the various platforms and events like Stress Clinic that have provided top notch platforms to send Ugandan talent to the world.

It was a busy Eid and Bebecool, who was booked for 3 shows later that night chose to do his normal Monday routine. He went by Levels lounge, where he’s usaully seen relaxing and cooling off at the stress clinic before he embarked on a night of Eid celebrations and enjoyments. While on stage, Big size also noted how he had come to support his long-time brother in the trade, Dr. Jose Chameleon.

The bromance between the two superstars was even more evident when Bebe Cool revealed to the crowd that the pair of shades he was wearing on stage was gifted to him by Chameleon on a previous Stress Clinic Night at Levels when Chameleon had showed up to watch Bebe Cool’s perfomance back in April. He tipped Ugandan to reach new heights and encouraged Ugandans to support Ugandan music vigorously instead of compromising the growth of the Ugandan music industry by overly supporting Nigerians to the extent of paying them extra high costs to fly them in.

Big size received wide chants from a filled venue of young crowds mixed with corporates and a myriad of moslems who finally came out to celebrate Eid after a month of fasting.

This all happened at the stress clinic show being recorded at levels every Monday

It brings together creatives from different circles from poets,comedians,artist who perfom jam sessions, Big celebrated artist for a live interaction with a jovial crowd.

The stress clinic stage has seen a buffet of celebrated Ugandan artists like Madoxx,King Saha,Bebecool, Jamal,international stars like Jamaican’s Turbulence, Rwanda’s Bruce Melody.

Gospel star Levixone has featured on the same stage

It has also had Upcoming artists gracing the stage like Lukas blacc, Yo kuki,Kohen Jaycee, Likkle Bangi and many more

It’s hosted by Jokwiz Klean and currently sponsored by A cosmetics brand clear & glow and Nxt radio

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