Bebe Cool blesses Levels Lounge at stress clinic

By Reporter

Opened with performance by Gagamel Band at 7.30pm

8.30 to 9.10 poetry

10.10 to 10.15 clear and glow sponsor activation(spin and win game) on stage, customers won whiskey,tshirts and clear and glow skin care products.

9.10 to 10.30 comedy by Madrat and Chiko and some new comedy talents like Maggie the Bwaiserian nailed it.

10:30-11:00pm Amazing performance from Allan Hendricks and mr styles, here Chameleon joined them on stage and performed with them different songs including his ‘forever’ hit. Chameleon emphasized that he was there to support Allan Who is Bebecool’s son and not there for BebeCool.

Bebe cool alongside Gagamel band performed at 11pm. The whole his performance was live.

He performed songs right from the very first songs to the latest ones in great cheers.

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