Be an agent of change to conserve Africa’s endangered species

As we continue in our efforts to conserve Africa’s endangered species, Boucher Legacy desperately need added support.

Boucher Legacy has partnered with the KZN Midlands Platform Art Gallery and The Farside Farm in a bold fundraising initiative.

The inaugural Art for Conservation online auction will be staged from The Gallery on the Farside Farm at 1 pm on Friday 11th March 2022. This global event will feature select artworks from the KwaZulu Natal Midlands leading professional and emergent artists.

Conserve Africa’s endangered species. Image: Supplied

To view the catalogue of artworks and be a part of this extraordinary event download the Meerkat online auctions app from Google Play or the APP store and follow the prompts.

Online bidding will take place 48 hours before the event. Bidders will gain an intimate knowledge of the artists and the driving philosophies behind their Art and Cons.

Any help makes a vast difference. You can participate through bidding and or promoting the event to individuals and organisations you know, and who will understand the value of protecting our threatened endangered species.

You can book limited seats or tables at the auction lunch @ R1000 per person – Menu designed by Alex Poltera of Garlingtons Bistro. Wine by Painted Wolf Wines and Black Rhino Gin by Cape Town Gin.

Book at

If you would like to become involved or contribute in any other way to The Boucher Legacy contact Alistair Hewitt on +27 82 924 2185 or email [email protected]

For more info: Boucher Legacy | Meerkatonline

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