Basetsana, Romeo Kumalo win defamation case against Jackie Phamotse [WATCH]

Popular author Jackie Phamotse was found guilty in the Randburg magistrate’s court on Tuesday, 19 September for a defamation case brought against her by former Miss SA Basetsana Kumalo and her husband Romeo Kumalo.

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Sunday World reports that businesswoman Basetsana Kumalo and Romeo Kumalo breathed a sigh of relief after celebrity author Jackie Phamotse was found guilty of crimen injury, criminal defamation and contempt of court.

Speaking to the media after the victory, Basetsana said the judgement is for all of us, it’s for her children who had to live in shame over the last five years and for her parents. The former Miss South Africa also shed tears of joy as the magistrate announced the verdict.

“It is a victory for every single person who is being cyberbullied. Many people have taken their lives after being cyberbullied and today is for all of us, for my children who have had to live in shame for five years,” she said. 

Phamotse was found guilty of four counts of crimen injuria over a tweet she posted in 2018 about an alleged explicit video involving Basetsana’s husband Romeo.

“Having regard to the totality of the evidence, the court is satisfied that the state has proved its case against Ms Phamotse on all four counts beyond reasonable doubt”.

Sentencing is expected to take place on 24 October.

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The judgment against the vile, mendacious, pathological liar JACKIE PHAMOTSE has been handed down. She is found guilty as charged on counts 1, 2, 3,4

It’s taken the Kumalo’s 5 years to get to this verdict.

Sentencing has been postponed to 24 Oct.

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Award-winning TV personality Bonang Matheba took to social media to celebrate Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo winning the case against author Jackie Phamotse.

@Bonang tweeted: “Wonderful! F*ck around and find OUT! Rea Gopane and friends. BURN!”

@junior__sovara: “Guys be careful of what you post. With everything going on and everyone wanting to make it to 5 million impressions. Let JACKIE PHAMOTSE be an example.”

@ChimCham7: “If she really has some compromising video, this would be an opportune time to release it. If she doesn’t, she deserves everything coming to her.”

@Ndoni_ZN: “They are going to clean good with the TV show she just signed, all that money is going to the Kumalo’s.”

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Jackie Phamotse

— Mushavhi (Black jew) (@Dylan822) September 19, 2023

Basetsana and Romeo Khumalo win defamation case against author Jackie Phamotse. She is found guilty as charged on counts 1, 2, 3,4 after a five-year trial
Sentencing will be on 24 Oct.

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What’s even more hilarious about this case against Jackie Phamotse is that Basetsana Khumalo just outed herself and her husband when she didn’t need to. Nobody who has read the would’ve had the slightest clue that Jackie was talking about her husband.

Just clout chasing really.

— B. Jennings (@LogicDebate) September 19, 2023

Basetsana Khumalo says the last five years have been taxing for her family and she is relieved the matter has been put to bed. @ZimojaL

— Zimoja Lezinto (@ZimojaL) September 19, 2023

Usually payment of a fine, alternatively, imprisonment for crimen injuria and criminal defamation/contempt of court but depends on the aggravating factors presented in court. Remember Vicki Momberg was convicted on 4 counts of crimen injuria and sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment…

— Tina (@Tina_Hokwana) September 19, 2023

O how far bafanas ka skoloto?

— Bobo_Tsonganese (@etm811) September 19, 2023

“We want to see her in orange overalls, behind bars” – Basetsana and Romeo Khumalo’s legal team

Friends and family celebrate outside the Randburg Magistrate court. They await the sentencing of Jackie Phamotse on 24 October.@ZimojaL

— Zimoja Lezinto (@ZimojaL) September 19, 2023

2 years for each offence

— @lupingcayisa (@lupingcayisa) September 19, 2023