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‘Baseless & devoid of substance’: Thuli on rumours surrounding ‘The Wife’

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South African actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo released a statement responding to the rumours surrounding her exit from The Wife, via Twitter today (14 January).


Thuli Phongolo’s character Lerato was written off from The Wife. Following her exit, rumours emerged that Thuli was axed because she gave the production team a hard time and she was a “no show.” 

She responded to these rumours via a statement released on Twitter today (14 January)

“We would like to take this opportunity to announce the official end of Thuli Phongolo’s role as Lerato on Showmax’s telenovela The Wife. Her portrayal of Lerato and working with the cast has brought her immense joy and has made an indelible contribution to her growth and career as an actor,” read the statement. 

“Concerning the allegations that have been made in the media relating to Thuli’s professionalism and work commitment. We vehemently would like to refute them as baseless and devoid of substance,” the statement continued.

Read the full statement below. 

Official statement regarding the end of my journey on ‘The Wife’…

— Thulisile Phongolo (@Thuli_P) January 14, 2022

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The Daily Sun reported that Thuli was axed because she gave the production team a hard time. She was also accused of being a no-show and more.

“She gave the production team a hard time. If she was not late for shootings, she would not come at all. This forced producers and writers to make last-minute plans, and that was an inconvenience for them,” said the source to the publication. 

A second source claimed the actress pulled a no-show stunt.

“Thuli is a talented actress. Any production would want her to be a part of but her character of Lerato had to be written off. That was not part of the initial plan before she pulled a no-show stunt,” said a second source to the publication.

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