Barbering industry thriving despite economic challenges

The barbering industry, despite widespread unemployment, is emerging as a beacon of hope, offering a platform for entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.

From small towns to bustling cities, barbers are attracting a diverse clientele and maximising profitability.

Jonathan, a barber in Accra, operates a tabletop salon near the Kinbu School. For the past five years, this profession has been his source of livelihood and supported his household.

“Fridays to Sundays are mostly my busiest days. On average, I can work on about 30 to 40 people per day and with the profit, I can get like 700 to 800 cedis per day.”

Richard, another barber at Lapaz, charges 40 cedis for a simple haircut and more for additional services like hair dyeing.

He shared with Citi News how peak days on weekends bring in a flurry of customers.

“It’s kind of lucrative… they [customers] look for satisfaction, they are not about the shop, how big or how small, they look for satisfaction and hygiene.”

For customers like Joshua, the decision to choose a barbering shop goes beyond the exterior appearance. They seek skilled artisans who can deliver quality haircuts and a satisfying experience.

Mohammed, a newcomer to the barbering industry, believes the venture is worth it. Each cut brings new stories, making no two days alike.


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