Bahati MP KIMANI NGUNJIRI on the spot for stopping a power project in his constituency

Wednesday, 23 February 2022 – Residents of Bahati Constituency are up in arms over reports that area MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, has stopped installation of power transformers in the Constituency.

Ngunjiri managed to stop the power project at Kamburi area in Dundori Ward, Bahati Constituency after he made a call to a senior manager at the Rural Electrification Authority headquarters in Nairobi.

The controversial MP who is facing a bleak future over his questionable academic credentials is said to have been angered by the move to install power transformers at Kamburi area without his knowledge.

The MP is reportedly angered by REA’s move to fully implement the power project without him taking credit since the project was initiated by his rival Irene Njoki who officially declared his bid for the Bahati Parliamentary seat in the August general election.

According to a source at ERA, the UDA allied MP was irritated by the Authority’s move to install transformers in his Constituency after his rival, Njoki, managed to push for the power project in the Constituency to improve electricity connectivity.

“The project is now being abandoned after Kimani Ngunjiri said he won’t allow any installation of the transformers until he approves the project by our office,’’ said a senior official from REA.

However, sources from Irene Njoki’s office indicate the project will go ahead despite Kimani’s opposition towards the REA venture.

REA was established in 2006 for purposes of enhancing rural electrification in Kenya. REA’s mandate is to accelerate the pace of rural electrification in order to promote sustainable socio-economic development across the country.

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