Ayanda Borotho received death threats on ‘Mnakwethu’ comments

Actress and TV producer Ayanda Borotho has opened up about marriage and receiving death threats for her views on polygamous show Mnakwethu.

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The talented actress Ayanda Brorotho, revealed in an interview on King David Studio Podcast that she was lambasted on social media for her opinions on the culture of polygamy.

“It was disturbing for me when I came out and spoke about the culture of polygamy. There was this show called Mnakwethu. I was quite disturbed by how this culture of polygamy was being represented. I went and asked elders. I researched and sat with wise men. Is this correct? Something seems off.”

“When I came out and spoke about how this culture of polygamy was now being presented, where your wife is being ambushed with a mistress… a mistress of ten years.”

“I am here to ask. And I was like, we gotta address that. This is a narrative that supports a toxic kind of masculinity.”

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The author and TV producer Ayanda MaNgubane Borotho adds that a husband shouldn’t decide to take another wife without his wife’s approval.

“If we had to define what polygamy, really is, to begin with. it isn’t about lust; it isn’t about men. Polgamy is for and is about women. And that is why I refer to it as an empowered decision to take another wife.”

“As a husband, you don’t take that power away from your wife. She decides for herself, that for whatever I need another wife to assist me in the household. It’s never been about the man. It’s about the family.”

According to Showmax, the popular show Mnakwethu, which is hosted by Musa Mseleku is an emotional reality show that sees married men introducing polygamy, and potential new wives, to their existing spouses.

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