AU, EU, IGAD and UN raise concerns on situation in Somalia

The African Union, the European Union together with other organizations have expressed concerned on the holding of delayed elections in Somalia.

The Unions as well as the InterGovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the United Nations (UN) convened a virtual meeting to deliberate on the situation in Somalia and give guidance on the way forward.

“The meeting was convened in light of the gravity of the ongoing political stalemate in Somalia over the holding of delayed elections, and the continuing impasse in dialogue between the Federal Government and some Federal Member State leaders,” A statement says.

The four organizations have now urged Somali leaders to prioritize the national interest of Somalia and immediately return to dialogue to seek compromise on the outstanding issues, and to ensure that no actions are taken that would undermine the stability of Somalia, which is critical to the maintenance of international peace and security.

They reiterated that the 17 September Agreement remains the most viable path towards the holding of elections in the shortest delay possible, and urge the Federal Government and the Federal Member State leaders to review and validate the 16 February 2021 Baidoa Technical Committee 2 recommendations and seek agreement through compromise on any outstanding issues necessary for rapid electoral implementation.

And while the four organizations have vowed not to take sides, the maintain that they will continue to monitor the situation in Somalia going forward.

They say, “The political stalemate is impacting negatively on peace, security, stability, and prosperity in Somalia and beyond. We urge all Somali leaders to exercise maximum restraint and refrain from any actions that may lead to an escalation of tensions.”

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