Astounding Ghanaian Painter/Musician, Nyornuwofia Agorsor, shares stunning photos

Nyornuwofia Agorsor better known ‘Agorsor’ is quite gifted hard working and multi talented painter/musician (Vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and a fitter performer).
Her natural beauty, the originality in her sound’s with the true messages her music stan and carries kept some die hard music lovers stating  (This is another fela in woman body).
Her project “Hugadem’ album’ debut No.1 on Nigeria iTunes top chart, No.1 on Ghana chart and No.2 on Nigeria single chart with “I Am Not Talking To You” off the album: Go check it out on iTunes and purchase and a copy “Agorsor – Hugadem” let’s support her hit a global chart or use the link below to listen –
Across social media follow her art studio & music page below and be a subscriber to her YouTube channel below to watch n see more of Agorsor’s.
She’s really going great. Follow her ☝let’s support her bring home Grammy💓🙌


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