ANDREW KIBE denies he was fired from Kiss FM – You won’t believe why he resigned from his well-paying radio job.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 – Controversial media personality and content creator, Andrew Kibe, has explained why he quit Kiss FM, where he was rumoured to be earning over Ksh 500,000 a month.

Taking to his Instagram account, Kibe revealed that women made him quit radio.

He shared a video surrounded by women in the studio when he was working at Kiss FM and said that he almost lost his masculinity since he was always in the company of women.

He started acting like a woman, forcing him to tender his resignation.

According to Kibe, men tend to pick women’s behavior more when they stay together.

 “When I was in the radio, I used to feel like my masculinity was running away. It is like I was losing my manhood,” he said.

 “When you live with women, you start feeling like and acting like a woman. Women don’t change but you as a man start flowing into women’s plans,” he added.

Kibe said he woke up one day and felt that he was dying and losing himself despite earning a good salary.

That’s when he decided to send his resignation letter to the HR.

“I was like I am dying and losing myself. I woke up one day and said no, this is too much noise, and that is how I sent a resignation letter and said I could not do more of that. When I left, I started thinking about myself, but I was a mess,” he further said.

Kibe joined Kiss FM in June 2019 after he was poached from NRG radio with Kamene Goro.

Their morning show had good ratings.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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