October 28, 2021


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And cars to men are like girlfriends

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By Silas Nyanchwani via FB

I think when you want to buy a car, just look for any car within the budget and regardless of the brand just buy it. Pray it serves you well.
Car buying advice is the most political process than picking your next president.
Yesterday while doing some wheel balancing at Rubis in Sabaki, a young man came with a very cool, maroon Mazda CX-5. Lovely and curvy like a girl in Kisumu. I told my friend, “this vehicle became so popular, it has crossed the Sh 2 million mark…”
To which my friend actually responded,
“Where? I am selling a new one (KD-something) at Sh 1.3 million and I am making a good commission… That is the imagination of the CX-5 owners that the car is worth past 2 million…”

Which may be true, because another friend said he has a newly imported one going for like 1.5 or thereabouts.
Nairobi Cool was the first local media to review the CX-5 done by the ably IDenis Sined and for the last three years, it was the best car in that category. Now every car blogger and YouTube lists it among the worst cars one must never buy.
Men lie about their escapades with women. But their worst lies come when talking about their cars’ abilities. Most can really stretch their imagination.

People often underestimate their car’s consumption so as not to be considered wasteful, or lie about it where they need to be seen as monied.

And cars to men are like girlfriends.
If you bought a car that is considered wacky, say a Nissan-something but it gave you good service for the few years, you will always swear how good a Nissan is. If you bought a Premio and it showed you dust, regardless of what anyone tells you, you will be anti-premio.

More like men and their girlfriends. When I ask men to think about their best girlfriend, the one they ever wanted to keep, usually, it is not the most beautiful, slay-queen-like they regret losing. Often, it is what in male circles call Kienyeji(the term is appalling and funny at the same time). But we give in to pressure and go for aesthetics. But silently, we clamour for that one ordinary girls who treated us like kings. But we would rather a German machine that spends half the time in a garage(read expensive slay queen) than a simple utility car.

A good car is one that can move you from point A to B, affordably and with minimal visits to the mechanics. This can be any car.
Car talk is propaganda and a lot of posturing.
Some people swear by their Nissans, some by Toyota and some by Mercedes. And minds tend to be stuck. Some by BMW. Some by Mazda. And almost everyone by a Toyota.

But rarely will you find an honest conversation about cars.
Those with money will defend their choices. Those without money but with aspirations will justify why they need a German machine. Those with Toyotas, they are like Ruto voters. Hakuna kitu utawashow.

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