An undercover cop breaths fire after a young man is stabbed to death by thugs in broad daylight, a few meters from Dandora police station (PHOTOs).

Saturday, May 29, 2021 – A middle-aged man has lost his life in the hands of merciless thugs who have been unleashing terror on innocent residents of Dandora – a crime-prone estate in Nairobi.

According to an undercover cop identified as Blackest Widow, the man was stabbed to death by a ruthless gang, a few meters from Dandora police station.

In a heartbroken photo shared online by the no-nonsense undercover cop who works closely with killer cop Hessy Wa Dandora to eliminate thugs, a lady said to be the deceased’s wife is seen wailing after seeing the lifeless body of her husband.

The daring thugs committed the heinous act in broad daylight.

The cop has vowed to pursue the criminals who committed this heinous act.


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