Amuriat Slams “Ungrateful” Odonga Otto for Abandoning FDC 

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat has attacked the incumbent Aruu County Legislator Odonga Otto for abandoning the Party.

Last month during the nominations for Members of Parliament (MPs), Otto who for three consecutive terms had stood on the FDC ticket publicly announced that he had ditched the party to run as an independent.

Addressing a campaign rally in Pajule Town in Pader District yesterday, Amuriat said by jumping ship, Otto had exposed himself as someone who was selfish and ‘extremely ungrateful’ to the formation which nurtured and cushioned him for fifteen years.

“He was in Parliament for four terms but unfortunately he decided on his accord to turn his buttocks on us. He has been extremely unfair to the FDC because it is the FDC which lifted him to the level that he is today. And so we shall continue to be friends with him but our political journey together ended the moment he left,” Amuriat said.

He added that rather than thanking the Party, Otto chose to mudsling it, something which he said was very unbecoming of an honorable Legislator.

Amuriat nonetheless asked residents to vote for the Party’s new faces whom he said have the Party and nation at heart.

“So give me a team that is going to work with a new president of this country,” he beseeched voters.

FDC has fronted Justine Odong to fill the void left by Odonga Otto while Christine Arach and Christine Lakot have been fronted for the positions of Local Council Five (LC 5) Chairperson and Pader Woman MP respectively.

On the other hand, the Party has also fielded Kenneth Opoka to replace long serving Agago North MP Prof. Ogenga Latigo who also severed ties with the Political Organization.

Amuriat is today expected to transverse Northern Uganda districts of Kitgum and Lamwo.

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