July 24, 2021


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Amidu had the authority to stop Akufo-Addo from interfering with his anti-corruption fight – Buaben Asamoah

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The Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Yaw Buaben Asamoa says former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu had the prerogative to tell President Akufo-Addo that he was interfering with his anti-corruption fight.

According to him, Martin Amidu could have written a letter, as it was his custom, stressing on any discomfort he perceived to be having with Akufo-Addo with regards to the independence of his office.

The MP for Adentan argued that Martin Amidu shouldn’t have walked away from an opportunity that could have cemented the independence of the Office of the Special Prosecutor and himself.

“If you say the President was interfering, you have the capacity to demonstrate that indeed he was interfering with all these letters you write.

“You could have told the President he was interfering and use your power to do the work you have to do,” he said.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Evans Mensah on PM Express, the Communications Director described Martin Amidu’s resignation as a disappointment because Mr. Amidu had the backing of the Law to defend his office from any interference.

He explained that “the President was desperately serious to have an opponent in the form of Martin to run such an Office” to ensure that Ghana won the fight against corruption.

“The President in all sincerity appointed Martin because, at the time, Martin had the biggest hallow in terms of the anti-corruption fight in this country,” he said.

Mr. Buaben added that he found it really sad to learn that Martin Amidu thought Akufo-Addo set him up to fail when in reality, he hoped for his success.

“Akufo-Addo was sincere about this corruption fight because nobody can control Martin,” he said.