December 1, 2020


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Amazon launches new generation of Echo Frames with Alexa

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Update promises to increase battery life and improve sound quality in Amazon smart glasses

THE Amazon announced, this Thursday (19), a new generation of Echo Frames, your smart glasses with Alexa. The update includes improvements in sound quality, longer battery life and new color options. The device will be available to the general public from December 10 at a price of $ 250.

Amazon Echo Frames (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

The new version of Echo Frames arrives to replace the product launched last year (exclusive for guests from Amazon), which cost US $ 70 less. Users who already had the first generation will be able to upgrade by paying only this price difference.

The objective remains the same: to discreetly access Alexa’s functions on a daily basis. But you can also use it as standard Bluetooth headsets, pairing with Android or iPhone (iOS).

Echo Frames has new volume adjustment

In the new generation, Amazon’s smart glasses feature a new automatic volume adjustment at the beginning of audio playback, which is based on the ambient noise level and your listening profile.

Echo Frames also has a feature that allows you to choose which apps and contact you want to hear, filtering the others. According to the manufacturer, calendars and group messaging are now supported.

Battery that lasts up to 40% longer

Amazon promises up to 40% more continuous playback time than the first generation of Echo Frames with 60% volume. A new feature in the latest version allows you to turn the device off when it is placed upside down for three seconds.

The design of both is quite similar, with thick frames and rods that house the product’s hardware. According to the manufacturer, they are light and splash resistant. However, there are two new colors in addition to classic black: Modern Tortoise (mixed brown and black) and Horizon Blue (blue).

Amazon Echo Frames (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

New generation of Amazon Echo Frames comes in three color options (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

Amazon has partnered with retailer LensCrafters to make it easier to get prescription lenses from an ophthalmologist – the owner of Alexa too provides a guide for medical specialists can prescribe lenses compatible with Echo Frames. The device comes with non-corrective lenses.

The end of the Echo Loop

Despite updating one of its wearables, Amazon seems to be giving up another one. According to the company, the Echo Loop, a smart ring, will be discontinued.

Amazon Echo Loop

Amazon Echo Loop has been discontinued (Image: Press Release / Apple)

In a statement, Amazon says customers who purchased the device will still receive updates and support to continue using the ring as they currently do. There is no information on how long the assistance will last now that production and sales are ending.

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