AmaMeme: New meme generator launched in South Africa

Every big moment on Isono, Gomora, Mbau Reloaded and Legacy is a meme just waiting to happen…But who wants to post a poor-quality phone gif on social media? DStv is changing all that… by launching SA’s first TV meme generating website:

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It seems that South Africans and DStv fans love nothing more than to post memes and gifs of their favourite local show scenes on social media. All the big ‘Haibo’, ‘Tjo’, and ‘Singashaun’ moments from telenovelas or reality shows find their way onto social media, displaying the best in South African humour and insights as they engage on the second screen.


“South Africans are meme kings and queens. However, we noticed that the quality of memes and gifs are not always the best because they are unsurprisingly taken from pointing a phone camera at a TV screen,” says Thabisa Mkhwanazi, executive head marketing MultiChoice South Africa.

“AmaMeme takes Mzansi’s obsession with memes and gifs up a massive notch. The platform is a central place where all the misery, mirth and mayhem from GomoraIsonoLegacyIdols, Mbau Loaded and so many more shows is perfectly captured in memes and gifs,” says Mkhwanazi.  

How it works

You can visit to select a show, character or emotion of their choice and upload the link to social media or their phone gallery for later use. The site also allows DStv subscribers to click through to DStv and watch shows online. AmaMeme has loads of preloaded gifs from local and international DStv shows including all SA’s favourite telenovelas, reality shows and sports. And DStv will constantly add new ones.

On DStv this week

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