Aleit Swanepoel: Late KykNET star’s company facing ‘financial trouble’

While family, colleagues, friends and fans continue to mourn the untimely passing of Aleit Swanepoel, more reports have emerged that his company, The Aleit Group, could be facing financial woes.

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According to Netwerk24, The Aleit Group is in financial trouble. The news entity reported this information as provided by a trusted source.

Speaking to Swanepoel’s business partner, Hans Roosenschoon, the publication reports that he did not want to comment on the company’s financials, but did reveal that he was shocked to read about Swanepoel and Hendrik Gerryts’ relationship.

Gerrits, who reportedly committed suicide in March 2022, was the sponsor of Swanepoel’s kykNET series, Tyd met Aleit for six seasons of 13 episodes each.

Since his passing, his personal estate and company, HGG Financial Group, have allegedly been sequestrated and liquidated.

Netwerk24 further revealed that the company is being investigated for mismanagement of funds that amount to approximately R500 million.


The TV personality, wedding planner and businessman sadly lost his life on Sunday 15 May at the age of 47.

According to The Citizen, Swanepoel died peacefully in his sleep due to myocardial infarction, more commonly known as a heart attack. This is according to a medical report.

Friends and colleagues have described him as a creative genius whose flamboyant persona and dedication they will greatly miss.

“He was a huge care-figure who always made people feel better about themselves and their situations. I think that is why he was so loved, because he always said things as they were with the biggest smile (and the most beautiful white teeth),” Swanepoel’s colleague and media coordinator, Lindi Erasmus, said.

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