Aggrieved man exposes DR DAN BIRYA of Aga Khan Hospital after snooping through his wife’s phone – What he saw almost made him collapse.

Tuesday, January 3, 2022 – A man has written to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi accusing Dr. Dan Birya of Aga Khan Juja medical clinic of trying to wreck his marriage.

He has concrete evidence that the said doctor is ‘chewing’ his wife.

This is what he wrote to Nyakundi:

I have a very painful issue concerning the Aga Khan doctor called Dr. Dan Birya who wants to break my family.

Hello Nyakundi,

I’m Writing to inform you of the unprofessional conduct of Dr. Dan Birya of Aga khan Juja medical clinic who takes advantage of female patients.

I believe it’s wrong and unethical for a doctor to knowingly engage in a relationship with a patient more so a patient who happens to be Married with a family and sleeping around with them.

It is with the Above knowledge that I want you to expose him because even after warning him he is still hitting on her.

I’m married to this lady and blessed with 2 kids but the Doctor entertained this till now and he knew she is married

I would like authorities to take up this matter and address the top level best and necessary steps to reprimand the said culprit taken as quickly as possible.

The Correspondence between him and My Spouse is well documented and their intentions however offensive have been put in the open, much to my disappointment which may lead to the dissolving of our marriage.

When I realized this was happening they were chatting through WhatsApp and I reached the guy to stop.

Only for them to start texting messages and deleting the evidence but I managed to get them in the recycle bin of her phone.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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