May 15, 2021


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After turning back, Georgia certifies Biden’s victory in recount

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Joe Biden had a confirmed victory in Georgia by just 0.26% of state voters Image: Roberto Schmidt / AFP

The result of the vote recount held in Georgia came and went today during the day, but in the end the state confirmed Democrat Joe Biden’s victory with the ballot box certification. Georgia had to recount the votes because the margin for Biden’s victory over current President Donald Trump had been too small.

In a matter of hours, the state first certified the Democrat’s triumph, then stepped back, and again confirmed victory in a third announcement that day. The definition, now confirmed by a manual audit, gives Biden 306 votes in the Electoral College, against 232 for Trump, who was seeking re-election.

The current president was counting on a possible victory in Georgia in the recount process. Thus, it would give strength to its alleged allegations of fraud and counting errors, which could still reverse the election results.

Trump was defeated in Georgia by just 12,670 votes, representing 0.26% of the nearly five million voters who voted in the state.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is now expected to certify that the 16 state delegates go to Biden, which could happen today.

Source: After turning back, Georgia certifies Biden’s victory in recount