African players making a difference around the world

African players making a difference around the world


Since football was introduced to Africa in the late 1800s, it has become an African favourite. In many African countries, football is a favourite, and many play for recreational purposes. However, there are the few that turn playing the sport into a business. They start playing for money and join teams in their colleges, universities, and private clubs. Others even make it as far as playing for national teams and even going as far as playing international.

Africans are beginning to dominate international football and make their mark for Africa. Come with us as we explore and take a look at African football players as they make their mark. We take a look at why African players are great.

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Let’s get into it.

Yaya Toure

Our number spot has to go to Yaya Toure, and we aren’t the only ones that think so. Toure has been named one of the world’s finest and has made the Ballon d’Or shortlist. He’s the only African to make it on the list. Although Toure no longer plays football, he is still a legend worth being respected.

Toure made his mark during the 2013-14 season. During this season, he appeared in 35 Premier League matches. During those matches, Toure scored 20 goals and managed to get nine assists. Toure also created 40 chances during that time while upholding a 90% passing accuracy.

Unfortunately, Toure is no longer playing football but rather coaches. While he was playing, Toure was a midfielder, and during the 2009 EUFA Champions League Final, Toure played as a centre-back. Although Toure, in his younger days, wanted to be a striker, we believe that he was right where he needed to be within the sport.

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top Africa's players


Kwadwo Asamoah

Asamoah is a Ghanian football player who mainly plays the role of a left midfielder and can also play as a left-back. On occasion, Asamoah can be put in as a central midfielder. He is currently with the Ghananian National Football Team and plays the role of defender.

Asamoah is well known for his class and versatility, and because of this, Asamoah has played for Juventus. While he played for Juventus, he became a very useful component. Unfortunately, at this time, things took a turn for the worst.

At some point in Asamaohs career, he was nominated for the CAF’s African Player of the Year award. Asamoah is an amazing football player who has made his mark on the international field and leaves Africa proud.

Pierre- Emerick Aubameyang

Aubameyang is from Gabone and currently plays for the Gabone National Football Team, where he currently plays the forward position and has the role of playing captain. Aubameyang also plays for Arsenal FC, where he is also a forward. However, for the Premier League club Arsenal, Aubameyang is a striker.

Aubameyang is well known for his pace and his finishing. He is also very well known for his off-ball movement.

Aubameyang recently played in the Premier League 2021-22, where he played in 14 matches and scored 4 goals. He also played in the EFL Cup, where he played in one match and scored three goals. In 2020, Aubameyang in both the Europa League 2020-21 and in the FA Community Shield, where he appeared in nine matches and scored four goals. In 2019 however, Aubameyang played in the Joan Gamper Trophy, where he only appeared once and made one goal.

Aubameyang is a good example that hard work and dedication really do pay off. His contribution to putting Africa on the map will always be remembered and will forever be a part of African football.


African players are taking the international football world by storm. They are not only good players but excellent players. Many African players have spread around the world and grace international pitches with their skill, hard work, and dedication.

Africa has been found to have fresh, new players. Who would be surprised by the news because Africa has fallen in love with football? It is found to be a very popular sport among African people.

Africans are truly making their mark and are putting African football players on the map. Keep making Africa proud.