Acholi needs change of gov’t than anyone else – Tumukunde

Gen. Henry Tumukunde on his campaign trail.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Independent presidential candidate Gen Henry Tumukunde Kakurugu has said the people of Acholi deserve a change of government more than anyone else. Tumukunde argues that the time is now for the people in Northern Uganda to liberate themselves.

Gen Tumukunde says that the region is still reeling from the effects of the two decades Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA rebel war despite a sitting government that has been in power for 35 years.

Addressing his supporters in Lai and Padibe trading centers in Padibe town council in Lamwo district on Tuesday, Tumukunde highlighted the skyrocketing unemployment among the youth in the region and limited government intervention to empower farmers to produce marketable crops right from the time they were confined in internally displaced people’s camps.

Close to over one million locals in Acholi sub-region remained in concentration camps at the height of LRA war and were reliant mostly on relief food aid from humanitarian aid agencies.

Gen Tumukunde says he will be better placed to help address the challenges the locals are passing through at the moment since he witnessed their sufferings while serving as an army commander at the Fourth Infantry Division in Gulu.

He promised to deliver a new generation of politics in the country once elected into the country’s highest office.

Patrick Okello, one of the residents of Padibe town council welcomed Gen Tumukunde’s message on delivering a new generation of politics and focus on rebuilding jobs for the unemployed youth in the region.



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