Acholi Leaders Call for Mindset Change in Farming

Local leaders in Acholi sub-region have appealed to farmers to change their mindset and try out commercial and modern method of farming.

Gulu RDC Stephen Odong Latek noted that in the past, the Colonial government and their system introduced crops in Northern Uganda and left some other crops to be grown by other regions of the Country.

“There was a common saying that bananas and coffee cannot be grown in Northern Uganda, but that was not true because Northern Uganda has the most fertile soil in the region.’’ said Latek

The RDC made the remarks on Thursday at a review meeting for DINU /Chase Hunger and Poverty project being implemented by Solidaridad.

“Once our people adopt these new method of farming being brought by government and other development partners, they will progress.’’

Mr. William Komakech, the RDC of Kitgum also revealed that most times farmers in the Community including Women waste away their small earnings from farming into unproductive things like drinking and partying


Mr. Komakech said farmers need to be sensitized on the importance of being in Cooperatives so they can easily be supported by the government

According to Ms. Felicity Acan, the Country Manager of Solidaridad, the Chase Hunger and Poverty project is focusing on diversifying food systems for Poverty Reduction, food nutrition and security and inclusive development in Northern Uganda

She also added that soon they will introduce a new project that focuses on supporting farmers who grow cereal crops like Maize, sorghum and Barley and bring Uganda breweries to buy these products from the farmers


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