AAST Review: Why You Should Use the AAS Token

AAST Review: Why You Should Use the AAS Token

Tokenization is the next best thing in online transactions. There are many reasons for this: it is faster, it simplifies your purchases and it provides a safe and secure means of transaction. Meaning no one can tamper with your financial records.

That being said, one of the best tokens out there making the rounds is the AAS Token by Afriq JM. But before we tell you why the AAS Token is great, lets first shed some light on what a token is.

What is a Token?

In simple terms, a token is a digital representation of an asset. A token is normally created and managed on a blockchain which is a decentralized ledger technology. There are two types of tokens; security tokens and utility tokens.

Security tokens are tokens that represent the ownership of assets like real estate or even companies. These types of tokens are subject to regulations by the government since they are considered securities.

On the other hand, utility tokens are tokens that are designed to provide access to specific products, services, or platforms. They serve as currencies and can be used to pay for goods and services. An example would be the AAS Token by Afriq JM.

Why Are Tokens Important?

Tokens are important for many reasons, one of which is the security of purchase which automatically translates to peace of mind for you.

Another importance of using tokens is the swift mode of payment. Since the token is created on a blockchain, it does not completely rely on “network” to process payments. Once you make your payment, it is immediately processed and you can go ahead and do other things.

What is AAS Token?

AAS Token was created by Afriq JM Arbitrage System, which is a pioneering digital currency trading platform, with the sole purpose of making transactions easier for the average African and Nigerian.

This token has been touted as the utility token of the AAS ecosystem, it is the people’s cryptocurrency.

Why Should You Use AAS Token?

As a discerning customer looking for ways to make your buying experiences easier and simpler, without having to lose money to the middlemen, like banks, this token is the best for you. Here are reasons why you should consider using the AAS Tokens.

1. Ease of Payment

If you live in Lagos State or you happen to find yourself there, you can visit our AAS Plaza in Ikeja which is the biggest iPhone store in Africa. There, you can use the AAS Token to buy whatever it is your heart desires. As mentioned, the transaction will be smooth and easy.

You can use the AAS Token to pay for your stay at any of our hotels in Nigeria and Africa without dealing with slow transfers and POS payments.

2. Social Welfare

Not only do you have security and peace of mind when you use the AAS Token, but its proceeds are channeled to feeding the poor, improving gadget acquisitions, and supporting various charities in Africa that need help.


3. More Control

Since AAST is a decentralized token, you don’t need to rely on intermediaries to process payments. All the power comes back to you. You can direct your funds wherever you wish without incurring penalties in terms of exorbitant charges. This financial independence frees you from the greedy hands of the traditional banking models where they dictate the terms.

4. Global Accessibility

The AAS Token demolishes all the barriers to financial access by offering a global currency that does not need the interference of banks. This is supremely helpful if you are in a place that has limited access to traditional financial services. When you use this token, you contribute to a more inclusive financial ecosystem where you can connect and participate if you only have an internet connection.

5. User Friendly and Ease of Use

For any digital solution to be widely accepted by the public, it must be easy to use. Which is why the AAS Token is amazing. The AfriqJM Coin website has a user-friendly interface with important resources to make sure that even if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, you can easily navigate and use AAS tokens.

From intuitive interfaces to comprehensive guides, the platform is designed to make your transition into the world of digital transactions painless.

6. Transparent Transactions

If transparency during transaction processes is important to you, then you will absolutely love this token. The AAS Token uses transparency in blockchain technology.

Each transaction you make is recorded on an iron-clad ledger, providing you with a complete picture of how your money is flowing. This will not only give you peace of mind in your financial transactions but also allow for real-time tracking of transactions, giving you a level of financial transparency that traditional financial institutions cannot give you.

Are You Still On The Fence?

The AAS Token is built on the BEP20 which is very fast and cheap when it comes to gas fees.

Furthermore, the AAS token will be deployed in seven use cases. Here they are:

  1. AAS Security Surveillance
  2. AAS University of Technology/Crypto Education Platform
  3. AAS Merchandise Marketplace
  4. AAS Solar Powered Estates
  5. AAS Crypto Exchange
  6. AAS Payment System
  7. AAS Transportation System

With this information, you can already tell that the AAS Token is one you should quickly adopt because tokenization is coming and it’s coming fast. Soon, all we will need to use are tokens like this, and the earlier you can adopt the use of tokens, the easier your life will be.

While others are scrambling to find the best tokens for them and their families to use, you will sit pretty knowing that you have taken care of all that.

What You Should Do Next

If you want to easily make payments without hassle, whether it’s payment for food, housing, or other gadgets and even flight tickets, join some of the first people to take advantage of this incredible token.

Afriq JM Arbitrage System is partnering with automobile brands, airlines, and other e-commerce stores online to provide the average Nigerian and African with ease of payment and peace of mind.

So, visit https://afriqjmcoin.com/usecase and join the leading pioneers in the race to become one of the first and most progressive people to use the AAS Token.

Buy things with AAS token – Secure and efficient transactions. Shop now with AAS for hassle-free purchasing.