A/R: Unidentified man shoots himself in altercation at Ayeduase

An unidentified young man is feared dead after he shot himself in the head at Ayeduase near the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in the Ashanti Region.

According to eyewitnesses, the young man shot another man when an altercation ensued on Tuesday morning.

The suspect who was mobbed by some bystanders refused to get down from a vehicle he was driving until police arrived at the scene in response to a distress call.

The young man was said to have shot himself when the police officers tried to disarm him.

Both the suspect and his victim have been rushed to separate hospitals.

A crime scene investigators team has cordoned off the area which has traces of blood.

An eyewitness in a Citi News narrated how the whole incident happened.

“We saw a guy driving carelessly. So we called him and spoke to him to slow down because the road is very narrow and that he can cause an accident but he got angry with one of us called Mr. Amoah. So we separated them but we saw the guy going across the road again and all of a sudden, he slapped Mr. Amoah and hit his chest again.”

“So they started fighting and the guy entered his car and pulled a gun, so I told the other guy to leave the scene but the guy quickly shot him and when the police arrived, he shot himself too.”


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