A house divided: Amberay will destroy Jamal’s household

Amberay and Jamal Marlow or Jimal Roho Safi would be well advised to open their Bible’s and learn from the wisdom of Moses/ Musa because in his wisdom, he said in Exodus 21:10 If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights.” Amberay is right, she is not your role model I am ofcourse referring to the fact that Jimal Roho Safi is actually a man who was previously married to a lady by the name of Amira. According to their faith, Islam, he is allowed up to four wives but he has to get his first wife onboard for that to happen. And she claims he didn’t. But Ozymandias, I hear you asking, doesn’t he still provide financially for his first wife and their children together? Well, that he most certainly does but the truth of the matter is that men do two things for a family and their wives: they provide and protect and he has failed in the latter function. Amberay exemplifies why dating single mothers is frowned upon Amberay has made that abundantly clear as she has gone out of her way to attack Amira and be both immature and catty. She is acting like she doesn’t understand why a married woman would react with hostility when her husband introduces a new wife to social media before he introduces the two of them to each other. Add to this a more important fact: Amberay is the type of femme fatal to ruin marriages. She has done so before when her former husband, Zaheer Jhanda attempted to introduce her to his family as a second wife and she kept attacking his first wife. She has formed something of a habit of doing so. DM Police: Amberay is…

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