A distressed police officer who was captured in a viral video drunk like a skunk in broad daylight commits suicide – This video proves he was depressed (WATCH).

Thursday, 07 July 2022 – A distressed police officer has reportedly committed suicide.

The deceased cop had been captured in a viral video drunk like a skunk while in the line of duty.

The sad news of the cop’s untimely death was revealed by blogger Robert Alai.

Alai noted that the cop was hiding his personal challenges through alcohol and called out those who shamed him by circulating a video of him on social media while he was drunk.

“I am informed that this police officer has committed suicide. It was wrong to shame the officer in public while he had personal challenges which he was hiding through alcohol. 

We must provide police officers with psychosocial support instead of expecting them to be perfect beings when they are going through a lot. I expect the IG to be better and look for better ways of reforming the police” Alai wrote.

Below is a video of the deceased cop that was taken before he took his own life.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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