42-year-old top Russian model and her 15-year-old daughter k!lled, wrapped and tied with rope in Turkish resort

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 – Police have launched a double murder probe after a top Russian model and her teenage daughter were brutally gunned down at a holiday resort in Turkey.

The bodies of Russian model Irina Dvizova, 42, and her 15-year-old daughter Dayana were found wrapped in sheets and tied with rope on a hillside outside Bodrum. Irina’s five-year-old son Makar is also missing.

Police searched Irina’s villa after family members reported the mum and daughter as unreachable.

The model had asked a Moscow court in June to prevent her ex-husband, Lithuanian Andrey Kuslevich, 45, from having access to the so.

They found blood on the sofa and apparently male footprints while CCTV footage of a car led them to the hillside where their bodies were dumped.

One of the Turkish police’s leading theories is that the double killing could be linked to a custody dispute over Irina’s son.

Makar, who had reportedly been in the country is now missing following the double murder.

Police have reportedly sought help from Interpol in tracking Kuslevich and the boy who is believed to be with him.

Irina and her daughter were reported missing several days ago after friends and relatives could not contact them.Police say they were alerted after the model’s fitness trainer went to the villa and found the door had been forced open.

The mum-of-three recently worked as an estate agent in Bodrum, according to reports. Her daughter was a TikToker with around 30,000 subscribers and aimed to follow in her mum’s footsteps as a model.

Russian diplomats in Turkey are in contact with law enforcement over the deaths of the mother and daughter.

Dayana had recently posted a video on social networks saying she and her mother had flown to Istanbul to celebrate her 15th birthday.

Kuslevich, Irina’s second husband, was a  security guard for a Ukrainian businessman. He was wanted in Russia after escaping from custody after he had been arrested for an alleged theft.

Irina’s elder son David, 20, said his mother “did not allow him to communicate with the child [Makar].”

He said: “The last time I spoke with my mother and sister was on Thursday.

“I did not notice any disturbing thoughts in my mother.”