4 dead after tourist boat capsizes in Lake Maggiore

Monday May 29, 2023 – Four people have reportedly died after a tourist boat carrying British tourists celebrating a birthday capsized on Lake Maggiore in Italy.

More than 20 tourists and crew were onboard the vessel in the lake near the Swiss border when it capsized in a whirlwind on Sunday evening, May 28. Divers searched the water overnight and four bodies have since been recovered, reports the Mirror.

Most of the 25 people onboard managed to swim ashore between the towns of Lisanza and Piccaluga, or were rescued by other boats.

Five people were taken to hospital in either “moderately critical” condition, or “not very critical” condition, and a further 15 were treated at the scene.

An air ambulance aided the stricken passengers, along with seven road ambulances and other emergency services.

The President of Lombardy Attilio Fontana said in a statement: “Unfortunately there is news of some missing people. A whirlwind caused a very serious accident.

“The firefighters of the Milan diving unit are at work on the spot together with the guard coast, to the air rescue, and to the ambulances of Areu.

“I am following with apprehension the updates of the rescue teams on the spot which I thank”.

According to local reports, the vessel was a “house-boat”. The whirlwind which caused the boat to capsize was part of a storm that hit the area on Sunday.

The weather became dangerous around 7pm, following the group heading out on the boat to celebrate a birthday earlier that day.