24-Hour Economy will reduce queues at Passport Office – Sammy Gyamfi

In a move to address the longstanding issue of delays in passport processing, the Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress, Sammy Gyamfi, has argued that the implementation of a 24-hour economy, spearheaded by President John Mahama will eliminate queues and drastically reduce the wait time for passport issuance.

Under this new system, passport application centres will operate 24/7, with staff working in three shifts of eight hours each. This continuous operation is expected to eliminate the frustrating early morning queues and cut down the processing time from several months to a matter of weeks.

“I have seen many people lament the undue delay in the processing of their passport applications. Well, the Mahama 24-hour economy is designed among others to address this problem by ensuring round-the-clock processing of passport applications (24/7), at all passport application centres across the country,” Sammy Gyamfi wrote in a post.

The introduction of 24-hour passport services will also create numerous job opportunities. The new operational hours will require additional staff, thereby generating employment for the unemployed and underemployed. This aligns with the government’s broader goal of job creation and economic empowerment.

“24-hour passport services mean that there will be no more queuing at 4 am for basic passport services; no more waiting for 3-6 months for your passport after you have paid for it.

“By operating 24/7 in 3 shifts of 8 hours each, more jobs will be created for the unemployed and underemployed at various passport offices in the country. And, citizens will enjoy better delivery of passport services.

“Imagine what benefits citizens will get from 24-hour DVLA services, 24-hour port services, and 24-hour Customs Services, among others. Indeed, the TUC was right when it lauded the #Mahama24HourEconomy as a Game-Changer.”

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