2020 Geographic Information Systems Day in Ghana held

The 2020 edition of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day has been organized with the aim of marking the modern use of geospatial technology in various aspect of business operations.

This year’s event which came off on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, was held virtually due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants who joined the session received presentations from international and local industry players in agricultural, telecommunication, Non-Governmental Organizations as well as Oil and Gas.

Organizers, AccuGeospatial underscored the need for celebrating of the day said similar events held in the past have made significant strides in the geospatial space.

“Geospatial has made our clients understand and embrace the use of GIS in their work hence, our tagline think location. The day has been set aside to enable GIS professionals to create awareness and share their work. As a company, our first GIS Day event work started three years ago where we integrated with SHS students for a GIS spatial campaign. Last year we took it a step further with two schools who have benefited from our spatial campaign to showcase their excellent work in a project competition”, the rep from AccuGeospatial touted.

Guest speaker for the celebration, Dean Angelides who is the Corporate Director, International at Esri, Headquarters – Redlands, California, USA encouraged industry players to leverage on the use of geospatial data to improve their business operations.

Some members of the panel were Amerley Ampofo, Senior Manager, Customer Analytics at MTN Ghana and Alabira Ibrahim, M&E Manager, Ghana Agricultural Sector Improvement Programme of MoFA.

The other speakers were Kpamka Dindiok, M&E/GIS Specialist of ADRA Ghana and Yetunde Obejodi, Manager Operations of Gas Aggregation Company of Nigeria.


An inter-schools GIS contest is also held to encourage and reward the contributions made by students to the development of geographic information science and technology.

GIS Day is an annual event celebrating the technology of geographic information systems that was initiated by spatial analytics world-leader Esri, and which first took place in 1999.

Esri president and co-founder Jack Dangermond credits Ralph Nader with being the person who inspired the creation of GIS Day.

About the organizers

AccuGeospatial is an Esri Business Partner Silver Tier Member and the West Africa Distributor for Handheld rugged devices and is accredited to provide industry-standard deployment and training in geospatial technology on the ArcGIS platform.

Founded in 2014, AccuGeospatial has evolved as a regional Geospatial consulting firm in West Africa, deploying location-based solutions and services on Mobile, Desktop, Web and Enterprise platforms.

Its cherished clients come from the Non-Profit, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Utilities, National Census, Mining, Health, Ports and Harbours and Agric industries.

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