10 foreign nationals charged with illegal entry in Gulu

Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson David Mudong Ongom confirmed report.

Gulu, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A total of 10 foreign nationals were on Thursday charged with illegal entry into the country after they were rounded up in an operation carried out in Gulu city.

The suspects are among the 48 street hawkers arrested by a joint team of police and the army.

David Mudong Ongom, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson says that out of the 10 suspects, five are Congolese, two are Tanzanians, and three are Kenyans nationals.

Ongom revealed that the suspects together with their Ugandan accomplices, disguise themselves as street hawkers in the daytime, but snatch phones, handbags as well as commit other vices within the city center at night.

According to Mudong, the suspects are mobile, do not have permanent residence in the city, and would only operate near strategic busy areas like banks, the High Court, markets, among others.

Meanwhile, the 38 street hawkers are still in police custody and have their fingerprints taken and analyzed to find out whether they are habitual offenders.

Alex Okoya, the chairman of Laborline ward, Pece-Laroo division in Gulu city applauded the security for the crackdown saying it was long overdue and that it will also help to ensure trade order in the city.

Okoya also added that the crackdown shall restore peace and sanity in Gulu city since robbery, phones and handbag snatching, pickpocketing, among other crimes were on the rise.



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